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Canadian Pharmacy is the Exclusive Distribution Center for Chinese Star and canadian pharmacy online series of software products in North America. Software packages purchased from us and our authorized dealers are guaranteed to have telephone online pharmacy without a prescription and email technical support directly from us.

Han Wang Pen
Updates (2/20/2000) - Chinese Star 2.97 with upgrade supports Windows 98, Office 2000, as well as Windows 95 and Windows 3.X. Chinese Star 3.0 for WinNT supports Windows NT 4.0 server and workstations. Cstar3.0 for WinNT has patches for WindowsNT Service Pack version 3 to 5. Cstar3.0 for WinNT also supports Windows Terminal Server. Windows 98, 95 and 3.X users should pick Chinese Star 2.97, Windows NT 4.0/3.51 client or server users should pick online pharmacy canada for WinNT. Chinese Star is the most powerful Chinese windows platform, to handle various Chinese documents, images and program developments, in English windows and client/server environments. Cstar 3.0 for WinNT supports MS SQL 6.5, and more.
The Hangwang "Chinese King" software for Scanner OCR, Chinese Voice and Chinese Handwriting input (above), and the CIBA III "Powerword" software, a powerful 2-way English/Chinese electronic dictionary (below), are two award winning products to work with Chinese Star.

Oriental Express (left) is the most popular translation software in China, which translates

English to Chinese and Chinese to English. It is an intelligent, full text translation software for the Internet, web pages, documents; automatic, easy to use. PowerwordIII

Many stores are now carrying Chinese Star products. This list contains some authorized dealers of Chinese Star in North America. Click on the cat and mouse for answers of some Frequently Asked Questions about CStar.

Fact Sheet!

Chinese Star 2.97 for Windows 98,95/3.x and Chinese Star 3.0 for Windows NT 4.0/3.51 are the most current versions of the world renowned Chinese language software. These softwares are developed by Beijing Founder SunTendy Software Technologies Ltd. Chinese Star is a powerful application tool in Chinese language processing. It works in 32-bit mode under Windows 98,95 and Windows NT, and 16-bit under Windows 3.x. Most importantly, it supports Office 97, Lotus 1-2-3 Office Pro 97, Netscape 4.0X, IE4.X and many other new releases.

Chinese Star 2.97 comes with 42 fonts, plus a convenient Chinese TrueType font installer. It supports TrueType and Adobe PostScript fonts for upper and lower level laser printers. It also comes with dynamic, multimedia English to Chinese and Chinese to Enlgish dictionaries, and many other value added items.

Chinese Star 3.0 for WinNT supports Unicode, GB and Big5 encodings. There are 10 beautiful fonts (GB and Big5), as well as capabilities to expand Chinese fonts and Chinese input methods as options. This version also includes easy table, and font arts applications, just like Cstar for Windows. It supports MMX commands, Pentium MMX and Pentium II, and supports SQL 6.5 server.

If you already know how to use Chinese Star for Windows, then you know how to use Chinese Star for WinNT. Vice versa. This is the beauty of using Cstar! For free demo versions of Chinese Star (Cstar 2.97 for Windows 98,95/3.x, and Cstar 3.0 for Windows NT ), click here to download.

What is new?

Chinese Star 2.97 is here now! If you are Windows 98, 95 or 3.x users, Chinese Star 2.97 is now the latest version of Cstar. This Cstar is a multimedia software. It has human and synthesized voices for English to Chinese, and Chinese to English dictionaries. It includes 42 fonts, and is able to install Chinese TrueType fonts. Of course, it supports Office 97, Lotus 1-2-3 Office Pro 97, Netscape 4.X and Internet Explorer 4.0X. In the future, if you need to use Windows NT, you do not have to learn another Chinese language software, because Cstar for WinNT is there waiting for you. It works just like Cstar for Windows!

Chinese Star 3.0 is for NT.
If you are Windows NT 4.0 or 3.51 users, we have Chinese Star 3.0 for Windows NT. This Cstar supports Windows NT 4.0 and 3.51, both client and server workstations. Users can use Cstar in a client/server environment. This greatly boost up Chinese language computings. Cstar 3.0 for WinNT supports Unicode, GB and Big5. It works naturally well with MS Office 97 and many other newly released products aimed to use speed efficient unicodes. This Cstar 3.0 for WinNT is especially efficient in utilizing features of high speed within Pentium MMX and Pentium II. Because Cstar 3.0 for WinNT uses Unicode, it works naturally well with Office 97 and other 32 bit applications. GB and Big5 are also supported in this version.

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